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1. The VM instance is not allowed to occupy the CPU useage for a long time (more than 70% for 6 hours) and the network (more than 70% of the bandwidth limit for 6 hours). If you violate this rule, warning in first time, and clearing will not be refunded in second time.
2. If you worked job with violation of U.S. laws or DMCA rules such as mining, BT, PT, Scan & Blasting, DDoS, HTTP attacks, phishing, gambling, etc. Once detected, it will not be refunded.
3. We will suspend the VM instance after receiving the abuse email which is this instances received a report, please open a ticket with 48 hours to explain, otherwise will be same penalty as above.
4. If you become a reseller, we recommend that you purchase a VM instance with a minimum configuration of 2C4G or above.
5. We disable ports 25, 465 and 587 by default, please open a ticket for if you will be using these ports.
6. Not guaranteed for normal use of public streaming/media services.
7. When the VM instance is detected to abnormal network traffics (such as being attacked), the system will automatically route all traffic to the black hole for 24 hours. And you can't be able to connect to the VM via the public network at the time.
8. The full amount can be refunded if there is no abuse received within 24 hours, and no refund will be accepted after that time. The service will be automatically cancelled after 30 days overdue.
9. The late fee is 10% per day, the VM instance will be suspended for three days overdue, and will be cancelled for 30 days overdue.
10. Abuse other than the above is prohibited. The final interpretation right belongs to the company.

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